Posted by Otto Orf on 18th Oct 2019

World Cup Champion - Diego Giustozzi

I have been very fortunate to not only be in attendance at the 2016 FIFA Futsal World Cup in Colombia but because of my connection to Argentina with my soccer mentor, Diego Guistozzi, who was the Head Coach of the soon-to-be World Cup Champions. I, along with Keith Tozer and Cory Konstin, were so graciously invited by Diego to celebrating with them following their victory in the World Cup Final. 

The entire event was a real treat for me! I was a guest of FIFA, which provided me with all access passes and tickets that afforded me the opportunity to mix and mingle with the world's foremost authorities of the sport. I had taken a course in Spain before and met the legendary Javier Lozano on a few occasions. I was able to once again cross paths with the legend Falcao and watch the torch be passed to the newest star of the game, the Portuguese player Ricardinho. I befriended the goalkeeper from Iran who's style was 'catlike'  and commanding, which saw him play a massive part in taking Iran to third place in the world. 

Cory and I would once again run into the Futsal hierarchy when Diego invited me to assist him at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The games were incredibly competitive, the spectators packed the stands for every game and the sport was showcased to the world once again. Brazil took the gold medal for the men, while Spain for the women. Many teams were spectacular, including Iraq, Portugal and the host team Argentina. I can only hope the Olympic Committee chooses to continue the sports inclusion in the Youth Games and eventually into the full Olympics in the near future.