Posted by Rana Hoffbauer on 9th Oct 2019


Futsal Indy has a men’s semi pro futsal team that plays in the National Futsal Premier League (NFPL). The team is nestled in what is considered basketball country in central Indiana. While futsal may be more established on the coasts, ask most people in Indiana if they’ve heard of futsal and they will think you have mispronounced football. For those who don’t know about futsal, it is like soccer, but played on a small hard surface, about the size of a basketball court, with a small weighted ball. The game brings plenty of excitement, showcases lots of skill, and provides multiple scoring opportunities.

Futsal Indy became a member of the NFPL for their inaugural season. The NFPL, based out of Michigan, runs a semi-pro men’s league centered in the Midwest. The inaugural season of the NFPL had 7 teams in Michigan, Columbus, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Our first season had an entire team of players, who lived in Indiana, but whose parent’s birthplaces were around the world. We were able to introduce the world’s game to our American city. Our fans enjoyed watching futsal as the quick pace, chances for scoring, and highly skilled athletes kept the fans entertained and the games exciting. Many of the teams in the NFPL boast players who either played professional soccer, professional futsal, or both.

The NFPL will begin their second season with an expanded team list, and the chance for even better competition. The NFPL brought a new sport, a sense of expanded community, and the true meaning of melting pot to our city.