Posted by Conner Mansell on 9th Oct 2019

Learning Futsal from the BEST in the WORLD! - DIEGO GUISTOZZI

The world of futsal is an interesting one, as I have played competitively and casually sporadically over the course of my life, however it is entirely new to me from a coaching perspective. I have had zero prior experience or knowledge when it came to actually coaching futsal, so for my first coaching course to be given by one of the best futsal coaches in the world, DIego Guistozzi, I was extremely excited to get going. 

I quickly learned how and why Diego Guistozzi is so good at what he does. Diego is so full of knowledge, so well spoken, and so passionate about everything he says related to futsal, and that is something I can most certainly appreciate and relate to as someone who has been surrounded by soccer his entire life. 

So much of what Diego said resonated with me, but one thing in particular he said right in the beginning of our 9 hour coaching course, really stuck with me. Diego said that futsal is a game of no ego. Everyone touches the ball, everyone defends, and everyone must contribute and work. Everyone gets the opportunity to express themselves equally, as futsal is a game of close control, tight quarters and plenty of flair and skill. This message shows how pure the game of futsal can be and naturally is, and I was definitely able to get behind this message by the end of the course. 

On top of the limitless valuable insight and experience Diego had to offer, he was genuinely a nice guy who cared about everyone he interacted with. He was so kind in taking pictures and sticking around in between session to answers questions or chat with some of the fellow coaches. His passion for helping the game of futsal grow internationally was so apparent, and it really excited me to break into the coaching scene and help spread my love for the beautiful game to the next generation of athletes.